Build 0.3.23 Brings AV Room, Visual Settings, and Fixes

Hello Scholars!

We overhauled our production process this month so we don’t have as much features in this month’s update.  However we are excited to be sharing a much clearer roadmap very soon so that you know what to expect in the coming months!  Until then, here are the updates for this month.

Added AV Room

The history subject did not have a special room, so we needed to add one!  The AV Room has now been added as the special room for History class. The teachers get to take it easy as the kids watch documentaries on the TV!

Added Visual Settings

You can now adjust visual settings like turning off the zone colors, tooltips, shadows, and adjust the hue and saturation colors of the game. If there are any specific visual settings you want us to try out, let us know in the comments!

Added Year Level Icons to Teacher Avatars

We found out in a Twitter poll that about 50% of you were not aware that teachers could be assigned to specific year levels. To address this, while in the department panel you can now see on the teacher avatars what year level they are assigned to.  We will be adding further UX improvements like this in the future.

Bugs and Design Fixes

- Fixed confusing needs increasing indicator
- Changed safety need computation    
- improved safety computation (related to delinquents being too impactful)
- Improved unassigned students' AI
- Implemented common area assignment to classroom
- Fixed achievement bug
- Fixed black screen bug
- Fixed delayed student count update when a student dropped out or is expelled            
- Fixed loading error related to TV animation
- Added teachers' TV behavior
- Added AV room category and fixed AV room requirements    
- Added graphics settings
- Added AV room grants and research
- Fixed bug regarding zone colors
- Fixed black screen error when moving to next school year
- Fixed research lock bug on the Staff Population panel
- Fixed AI bugs                

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Version 21 Jul 30, 2019 145 MB
Version 20 Jul 30, 2019

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