Build 0.3.15 adds Smoking, Expelling, and more!

Hello Scholars,

Build 0.3.15 is now live! This month we focused on recuperating after launching Alpha 3 and tending to bugs and balance fixes.  But we promise some new features every month, so this build brings Smoking delinquents, Expelling Students, and some sweet UI Updates!

(Reminder : There is no longer a 32-bit version of this build)

Smoking Delinquents

There’s a new set of delinquents for your monitors to catch! Torie over here thinks she’s super cool, smoking in the toilet but the principal knows better! (SMOKING IS BAD, GUYS, REMEMBER IT’S BAD)

Expel Student

Ideally we would advise that Torie take counseling for her issues, but if you’re feeling impatient you can go ahead and expel her! There’s a price to pay though, as your school will lose prestige as word spreads that you expel bad students to keep your stats.

Updated UI

The Student Population and Profile UI needed a lick of paint, and now they’re in line with our new designs!

Updates to Bank Loans

We’ve update the Bank Loans system so that interest rates go higher the larger the amount you loan, and paying off interest in advance updates the daily rate that you pay. FUN!

New Food Crate system

There was a lot of confusion about how food crates work, we adjusted it so that you get food crates depending on the number of refrigerators you build. Hopefully this will make things easier to manage!

Updated SFX

Been a while since we added new sounds! Click on some of the new zones, objects and staff to hear the new SFX.

Teacher Ranking now a Research item

Previously we made changes to the game so that you would only be able to access higher ranking teachers as you rise up the ranks. Makes sense we thought, since we figured good teachers would only want to work for good schools! We realize that might have messed up the balance, so we’ve made some changes so that upgraded teacher ranks can be researched.

Major Balancing

We are aware there are some issues with the balance of the game in terms of juniors failing and food running out, so we’ve made some fixes to adjust for that.  More long term fixes coming soon.

Bug Fixes and updates:
- Fixed HireTeacherPanel bug
- Rebalanced character needs
- Fixed workers not working bug        
- Fixed bug when closing year-end report
- Rebalanced learning points                
- Fixed love interest leaving behind confessing student    
- Implemented kitchen-cafeteria assignment
- Fixed accepting transferee students grants bug
- Fixed bullying student bug                    
- Fixed bug where the negative SFX plays when loading a game or going back to the main menu
- Fixed smoking animation by adding an offset
- Truant notification zooms in on the smoker
- Increased chance for smokers to appear
- Fixed tuition fee is given multiple times bug
- Updated Food Unhapiness text - Fixed saving/loading Admissions values (interested, incoming, etc.) bug
- Improved implementation of ambient and SFXs
- Added zoom effect and lock-on effect on expelled students when notification is pressed
- Added crying animation for expelled students - Fixed minor Student Profile panel bug
- Refund money for dismantled bush
- Fixed crying expelled student bug
- Fixed User Report Status Overlay bug
- Fixed unassigned students notification bug
- Fixed smoking animation

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Version 18 Jul 01, 2019

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