Food Fight Update is Released! (Build 0.3.77)

Hello Scholars,

We’re excited to bring you our next update, called Food Fight!  Here’s what’s new:

Food Fight

Delinquent students will now occasionally start food fights in the cafeteria, leading to another giant mess for your janitors to clean up.  Make sure your delinquent students are getting counseling or other disciplinary measures to try to keep this under control!

Food Quality

You can now adjust the quality of your school’s food.  Inferior food is cheaper but will make your students sick. Superior food is more expensive but can improve student health, which in turn leads to better learning and less delinquency! Click on zone edit and a kitchen zone to adjust, or check the kitchen reports panel.

Find the Goons!

The goon mechanic was boring for some folks since once you set up some routes, the monitors would automatically get rid of the goons. We decided to make it a little more fun by making it a hide and seek game.  Your monitors will alert you if they see someone suspicious, but you now have to find and click on the goon to dispatch it. Let us know what you think about this!

School Timeline

At the end of the school year we want you to be able to look back on how you’ve improved (or worsened) over time, so this new school timeline has been implemented to help you track stuff like your rank, your student’s grades, and more! Click on the tabs to show and hide data so you can plan for your school’s future.

Updated UI
As we near Alpha 4 release we are slowly cleaning up and finalizing the UI for a much better playing experience. We’ve also updated the colors for the school logo for better color combinations (we hope!)

Bugs and other Design Update

- Fixed Flags localization bug
- Fixed prestige bug when a student dropped out
- Fixed tofu characters bug
- Fixed goons bug            
- Fixed pet eat animation        
- Fixed school bus not arriving bug
- Fixed wrong salary deduction for hiring teachers
- Fixed counselling queue bug
- Fixed admissions grant bug        
- Added bug where students enter the school from outside the bounds of the map        
- Fixed flagpole error
- Fixed custom logo icon bug
- Fixed Student panel issue on different resolutions        
- Improved blocker in land expansion
- Improved delinquent queueing
- Improved Overall student info panel
- Changed goon visit formula
- Fixed school bus not entering bug
- Fixed Admissions grant requirement bug        
- Zero funds gameover now happens at the end of the day
- Fixed missing principal action localization
- Added TobaccoBillboard object
- Added Health problems in clinic reports page
- Fixed pet animation playing while game is paused
- Fixed stuck on loading transition after starting school year
- Started implementing school timeline    
- Implemented food options
- Updated health system
- Implemented goon queueing when kicked out
- Fixed teachers are not doing anything upon entry
- Added icons to the reports panel
- Improved timeline graphs        
- Added student roaming AI if there are no available chairs in the AV room
- Fixed food quality header bug in the kitchen reports panel
- Fixed student leaving bug
- Fixed flagpole bug where it reverts to the default flag after loading
- Foxed UI localization bugs
- Fixed pet labels
- Updated evaluation panel and year end congratulatory panel
- Fixed missing text name for principal    
- Implemented food fight
- Updated health, dirt, and food crate variables
- Improved UI
- Improved school timeline graphs
- Fixed staff context panel auto closing                                        

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